Benefits of Content Filtering with DNS

Content filtering is an important tool for internet users. It helps to block unwanted content, including websites that an individual / organization might deem inappropriate. For example, it is highly effective in preventing access to websites that contain malware or other threats. With DNS filtering you can block access to specific domains, making it a useful tool for preventing online scams and phishing attempts.

DNS-based content filtering is highly effective, and popular amongst a number of different industries. Here are a few examples:

Industry Details
Parents Used to create guardrails for children(e.g., don’t want my kid seeing obscene / pornographic content)
Small Government Organizations Libraries, cities, schools, towns; organizations that have to conform with CIPA and COPA. Organizations providing access to the internet via their network want to ensure to create a safe environment for children.
Religious Organizations Organizations that look to employ solutions that help conform to their beliefs (e.g., the bible does not encourage pornography, we want to disable it on the web).
Small to Mid-sized Companies Organizations that are looking to protect their organization from malicious threats and reduce productivity loss. Also used to to control bandwidth consuming applications like video streaming, social media, and other similar platforms.

One of the main benefits of DNS-based content filtering is that it is platform agnostic. This means that it is not reliant on any one platform to work, by design all platforms (i.e., Windows, MacOS, ChromeBooks, etc..) leverage some form of the Domain Name System (DNS) to interface with the internet.

As such, individuals and network administrators have a lower technical threshold to cross when configuring DNS-based content filtering. Instead of configuring 500 different devices, they are able to configure the solution at the edge of the network (which is typically on the local router).

This makes DNS content filtering extremely easy to set up and manage, as it does not require any additional hardware or software. As a result, it is a popular choice for content filtering among small and medium businesses.

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