Apple Makes Managing Kids Devices Easier with “Apple for Kids”

One of the most popular mobile platforms, iOS by Apple, has taken a big step forward in placing more emphasis on the tools parents have at their disposal to more easily manage their child devices with the introduction of “Apple for Kids”.

Although this feature to manage a family accounts was introduced in iOS 8, many parents often struggle deploying and managing the feature. This new portal seems to be designed to simplify and aggregate all the content a parent might need when managing their child’s device[s].

Some of the things you’ll be able to fine on this portal include things like:

But it also highlights important features you might not be aware of, like:

We really like the steps Apple is taking here to pull this to the forefront. For too long it felt as an after thought and we have worked with numerous parents struggling with what many might consider a simple task. Introducing a page wholly focused on educating parents, is amazing and we hope others will follow suit.

Take some time to play with their portal and feel free to share with them on ways they can improve to better serve parents.