Amazon Scams via Text Messages (SMS): We found a suspicious transaction

We have noticed an increase in text message (SMS) (a.ka. smishing attacks) scam attempts – mostly targeting the Amazon brand.

Those Amazon text scams try to alert the receiver that there was a problem with their shipping, or transaction, and that they have to click on the link to get more information. A common tactic from email phishers, but still going around, and now heavily focused on text messages.

The text messages generally look like this: : We found a suspicious transaction, for security reasons we have deactivated your account. please secure and verify your payment method to reactivate your account, click and follow the instructions from the following link: http[s]://l[.]

Other customers reported the message like this: has detected unusual transactions in your orders, your account is locked for security reasons. please secure and verify your account information immediately. click and following link bellow: http[s]://sign-amazon-activity[.]

Best Regards,
Amazon Service

There is even one where they warn the user of a suspicious login from Nigeria and ask them to login to verify the information. Of course, all fake:

We’ve suspended your Amazon due to unusual activity

Login attempt from :

[ – Nigeria ]
Device: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 7.5)

Our System has been locked your Amazon account

To unlock your Amazon account, please verify your identity below :

You need to verify your account before 19 July, 2022 or your Amazon account will be terminated.

Do not fall for these scams. While these domains are actively being blocked by our security filter, it is not worth falling victim by accidentally clicking on a link.

If you suspect that a text message (or email) might be real, go to instead. Do not click on the link that come via your text messages, or call the numbers you are texted. Instead, navigate to your Amazon account and call technical support to confirm the legitimacy of the message.