6 Ways Content Filtering is Used by Network Administrators To Protect Their Environments

As a DNS filtering platform we often assume all users understand how content filtering is used to create safe browsing experiences on networks. This is not true. This article will help network administrators think about content filtering for their network.

In our Benefits of Content Filtering article we highlight different industries, and how they leverage this technology. In this article, we’ll specifically focus on the different problems network administrators face and how DNS-based filtering technologies like CleanBrowsing can help.

Networking Problems solved W/ Content FIltering

The real power of DNS filtering technologies like CleanBrowsing is when network administrator merges the filtering flexibility of the platform with the organizational Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Below is a list of 6 different problems most AUP’s are built to help mitigate. Each one is a problem DNS-based filtering is capable of solving.

Category Description
Inappropriate Content Pornography, obscene content, hate, violence and other similar content is readily available on the web. Content filtering helps create safe browsing experiences by blocking access to the content at the DNS resolution layer.
Malicious sites The web is riddled with malicious sites, and bad actors’ intent on doing your organization harm. Content filtering helps block malicious domains from a network at the DNS level.
Data Leakage Prevention Data breaches are the norm these days, understanding what is happening on your network can help unearth potential compromises. Active monitoring of network activity can help network administrator identify malicious communication to C&C nodes.
Reducing Loss of Productivity The prevalence of social, gaming, video streaming technologies have been leading contributors to loss of productivity in the workplace. Content filtering helps disable sites that don’t conform with an organizations Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
Internet Access Protection One of the biggest threats to an organization are the threats their employee poses to the organization through their naïve engagements with the web. They click where they shouldn’t, they engage on sites they shouldn’t. Content filtering can function as a last layer of defense against Phishing attempts and a users behaviors.
Active Monitoring Being vigilant on what is happening on your network is a critical element to staying ahead of tomorrow’s threats. Content filtering can provide visibility into what is happening on a network.

When thinking of your content filtering strategy, do not think of it in terms of absolutes. Approach the technology as complementary to your existing controls. As with security, there is no one singular solution to creating a safe browsing experience on your network.

What other problems does your content filtering strategy help you solve?

Content Filtering w/CleanBrowsing

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